NEW YORK – March 3, 2020 – NYI, a leading global provider of managed hybrid infrastructure solutions, and South Reach Networks (SRN), a leading Florida metro fiber network provider, have formed a distinctive partnership designed to facilitate cost-effective interconnection, seamless infrastructure deployment, and an enhanced client experience for businesses seeking a presence in Miami, Florida — a critical edge location that supports the low latency needs of the area’s rapidly-growing gaming, media and technology industries and that serves as the gateway to Latin America.

Through the partnership, NYI extends its point of presence, connectivity and managed hybrid infrastructure offerings to Miami, the interconnection hub for voice, video and data traffic servicing South America, Central America and the Caribbean. By teaming up with NYI, South Reach Networks broadens its offerings to include NYI’s extensive portfolio of flexible hybrid managed solutions.

The partnership will be based at SRN’s state-of-the art colocation facility at 36 North East Second Street, an international gateway offering significant connectivity options. SRN’s extensive fiber network includes diverse dark fiber paths between 36 NE 2nd and NAP of the Americas, the primary network exchange point between the U.S. and Latin America. Through SRN, NYI has established a redundant dark fiber ring to the NAP which extends the delivery capabilities of its Cross Connect Fabric interconnection platform so that both NYI and SRN customers can benefit from cost-effective connectivity to any and all providers in the greater Miami region.

“We are thrilled to partner with South Reach Networks to bring our managed hybrid solutions and interconnection capabilities to this vital and growing international market,” says Phillip Koblence, NYI Co-Founder and COO. “NYI’s guiding principle has consistently been to optimize the customer experience and provide a seamless and painless path to infrastructure deployment. Our goal here is to extend that client experience to new markets and to our strategic partnerships. Leveraging SRN’s established fiber assets will also enhance what we can offer clients from both an interconnection and colocation perspective.”
NYI’s portfolio of hybrid managed solutions includes NYI Smart PoP, a managed service which helps international companies quickly establish a point of presence in key U.S. metro markets.

“NYI is an ideal partner for us,” adds Mike Sevret, President at South Reach Networks. “The company’s strong portfolio of managed hybrid and interconnection solutions, established ecosystem of global partners, and industry track record for seamless deployments, will bring great value to our facility as customers look for high-performing, cost-effective and scalable ways to grow their businesses in the Miami and LATAM markets.”
As Miami’s infrastructure needs grow to keep up with new Edge, IoT and 5G requirements, NYI and South Reach Networks are ready to serve domestic and international companies with a powerful combined offering that enables global connectivity, flexibility, and ease of deployment.
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About South Reach Networks
South Reach Networks (formerly InterConnect Miami) is an established Florida based telecommunications infrastructure provider who constructs, owns and operates a Metro & Long-Haul Fiber Optic Network and a Carrier Class Data Center located in Downtown Miami. South Reach Networks is the fiber gateway backbone for the east coast of Florida. South Reach Networks is a unique provider with owning both a Carrier Class Data Center and a diverse and robust Metro Fiber network, customers receive the necessary independent connectivity enabling global and domestic reach to the ever-expanding eco system of carriers, sub-sea, LATAM, enterprise and wireless operators.

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About NYI
NYI is a trusted global infrastructure partner to clients across a range of industries, offering flexible hybrid solutions across cloud, colocation and bare metal, powerful interconnection capabilities, and a full suite of managed services to help companies optimize their infrastructure. With highly-connected low-latency edge facilities in multiple U.S. cities and a reputation for problem-solving and delivering high-touch solutions, NYI helps domestic and international businesses deploy quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively. NYI is headquartered in New York City and provides enterprise services into key global markets through a trusted ecosystem of partners including the Independent Data Center Alliance.
To learn more about the colocation services that are available through the partnership, visit our Miami colocation page contact 800.288.7387 or follow NYI on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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