South Reach Networks Deploying Equipment to Support High Capacity Ethernet and Wavelength Services to Serve Data Centers and Select Enterprises in the Southeast US

MIAMI – April 27, 2021 –  South Reach Networks (SRN), an established Florida based telecommunications infrastructure provider that constructs, owns and operates  Metro and Long-Haul Fiber Optic Networks and Carrier Class Data Centers, announces it is in the process of deploying the equipment necessary to offer high capacity 10G,100G, and 400G Ethernet and Wavelength services across its networks as part of its expansion throughout the Southeast US. This is part of a critical ongoing project to both light and interconnect key data centers and enterprise buildings from the Atlanta region through greater Jacksonville, Fla. and onto Miami with the goal of an estimated 15 data centers slated to become fully connected by Q4 2021.

SRN is also in the process of augmenting connectivity to several new connections to key Cable Landing Stations along the coast, enabling data centers and carriers to access these vital subsea routes connecting the Caribbean and LATAM with North America. Leveraging its Metro Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Miami fiber networks, SRN is actively engineering new routes to support the growing demand of large enterprise and tech firms relocating and setting up new offices in these cities.

In addition, SRN has been focused on supporting the vertical around the MDU and HOA developments that are geographically located on or near our fiber network throughout the state.

“In particular, the Central Florida Coast has been a growth area for these types of communities that are often underserved in terms of options for diverse fiber and the services that our infrastructure supports,” comments Kevin Rocks, EVP Sales and Marketing for South Reach Networks. “Many of these communities in Florida are demanding network upgrades to existing facilities to offer the same services as new developments day one.”

Concurrently, the establishment of new 5G towers in the Central Florida region requires terrestrial backhaul fiber that will allow SRN to seamlessly extend its underground fiber network to these new sites. SRN is working to provide fiber solutions where its fiber is located near new sites. The proximity of South Reach Networks Edge Data Centers to these important areas enables new connectivity options where a short-haul fiber or wireless options are necessary to connect the backbone to remote sites.

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About South Reach Networks
South Reach Networks is an established, Florida-based telecommunications infrastructure provider. South Reach Networks constructs, owns and operates its Metro & Long-Haul Fiber Optic Network. With direct routes into its Carrier Class & Neutral Data Centers, the robust network spans over 400 miles along the East Coast of Florida. South Reach Networks provides customers global and domestic reach to the ever-expanding ecosystem of carriers, subsea, enterprise and wireless operators. Visit for more information.  

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