South Reach Networks Team

Jason Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President of Operations

Mr. Cohen is South Reach Networks’ Senior Executive Vice President of Operations. He is a veteran communications industry Executive with over 30 years experience developing and operating new fiber optic, bulk communications transport, data center, and technology businesses. He has extensive experience designing and building multiple fiber optic network businesses including long haul networks, regional networks, metropolitan area networks, trans-Atlantic networks, data centers and backhaul networks for the carrier industry.

Mr. Cohen is a Director for South Reach Networks, fka Interconnect Miami, a data center and metro network business, and was instrumental in acquiring it in 2017. Mr. Cohen launched Meridian Fiber Group which is building long-haul fiber networks throughout the US. In 2008, he co-launched Allied Fiber, serving as the company’s President and COO until 2015 when the Southeast routes were completed. Under his guidance, Allied Fiber developed a new long- haul business model for neutral dark fiber and colocation throughout the US. In addition to launching the Southeast, Mr. Cohen also completed numerous railroad and private rights of way agreements enabling the company to also construct hundreds of miles of new duct throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US.

In 1996, Mr. Cohen founded and launched KeySpan Communications which was re-named Lightower Fiber Networks. Mr. Cohen built and managed the company from a startup until it was acquired in 2008, developing its current US metro, long-haul and trans-Atlantic based operations.

Mr. Cohen has degrees from the University of Rochester in Electrical and Optical Engineering, and extensive experience in finance, industrial management, and contract development. He developed and owns US Patents in Video on Demand used by the cable television and IPTV industry for DVR based VOD systems and Electric Power Turbine Control Systems used by the utility industry for real time heat rate in large power grids.

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