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Our infrastructure keeps you connected and protected, regardless of disruptions in the world around us.

Miami Metro Fiber: Dark Fiber and Long Haul Connectivity

The SRN Miami Metro Fiber Loop is an extensive fiber network in downtown Miami that includes carrier switch facilities and network access points, enabling interconnection with more than 200 unique carriers.

Constructed in 2000 as a carrier-neutral nexus for metro, regional and international carriers, the network provides available dark fiber and interconnect transport options to key downtown network access points and business locations. For customers seeking effective solutions for lateral and long-haul connectivity, SRN enables long haul dark fiber via affiliates and strategic partner providers, and will design and build new laterals to create new routes and connections for clients.

Miami Metro Map

SOUTH REACH NETWORKS Duct System and Fiber Network Infrastructure located in downtown Miami is a robust underground fiber network providing diverse East and West connectivity between the Equinix NAP and the South Reach data center located at 36 NE Second Street in Miami.