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Our infrastructure keeps you connected and protected, regardless of disruptions in the world around us.

Metro Fiber, Peering/Transport & Interconnection Services

We provide customers with the option to choose from three different competitively-priced classes of cross-connect, including cabinet-to-cabinet connections within the facility, cabinet-to cabinet-connections within the same building to disparate facilities, and extended cross-connects to outside buildings. This comes with 100 percent carrier-neutral connectivity to carriers and peering options to lower IP costs and deliver better end-to-end network performance.

IMDC is the most cost-effective location to connect to international markets and support the growth strategies of enterprises and telecom providers looking to expand.

IMDC provides streamlined carrier-neutral interconnection options designed to improve the speed, redundancy, reliability and security of our clients’ global connections.

Our Internet Exchange, IMIX, aggregates multiple peering options, providing a robust alternative for IP transit. In addition, we own and operate a unique downtown fiber network, interconnecting carrier switch facilities and network access points.

IMDC also serves as an interconnection point on the Florida Internet Exchange (FL-IX), an IX dedicated to improving interconnectivity and reducing cost between regional networks by enabling simplified IP traffic exchange between ISPs, content providers and enterprises. By connecting to FL-IX, customers gain the ability to directly interconnect with more than 99 networks, including Google and Facebook.

We deliver carrier-neutral, high-speed and custom interconnection solutions and peering via diverse pathways from the IMDC Interconnect Room to other key connectivity hubs in downtown Miami. This includes interconnection capabilities with a multitude of providers, including direct, physical-layer connectivity to PTT, long-haul, dark fiber, CLEC, IP, TDM/voice and VoIP. This offering is supported by multiple dedicated fiber optic conduit entrances from the street delivered within diverse building shafts, careful cable management and fast deliveries.

This enterprise-class and flexible connectivity capability, combined with our customizable colocation services, enable international growth for enterprises across all verticals and serve as a gateway between the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.