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Our infrastructure keeps you connected and protected, regardless of disruptions in the world around us.

What is Florida Internet Exchange (FL-IX)?

IMDC is located in the same building as the Florida Internet Exchange (FL-IX), serving as an interconnection point on the exchange to expand options for clients and offering augmented network performance and lower traffic delivery costs.

Much like IMIX, this leading IX is dedicated to improving interconnectivity and reducing cost between regional networks by enabling simplified IP traffic exchange between ISPs, content providers and enterprises. By leveraging IMDC’s strategic proximity to FL-IX, customers gain the ability to directly interconnect with more than 99 networks, including Google and Facebook, with added speed and simplicity. This added access to a range of networks makes IMDC a highly cost-effective and strategic location for enterprises and telecom providers looking to connect to international markets and bolster their growth trajectories.

We offer 100 percent carrier-neutral connectivity to carriers and peering and transport options to lower IP costs and deliver better end-to-end network performance. With a range of network interconnection and peering options through both our own exchange, IMIX , and FL-IX, clients are able to harness a range of benefits to keep their data and traffic flowing smoothly into the future.

To further supply peak performance, we also own and operate a unique downtown fiber network, which offers metro dark fiber, long haul connectivity, interconnecting carrier switch facilities and key network access points. To learn more about our fiber services, please click here.