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What is Dark Fiber?

Put simply, dark fiber is optical fiber that is currently unlit, as there is no data being transported over it.

When laying fiber, many companies will choose to put down an excess of fiber infrastructure in order to future-proof their network and avoid the high costs of digging back down to incorporate more. The extra capacity and infrastructure created by that surplus of laid fiber is dark fiber. Clients can utilize these unused strands of dark fiber to create their own privately-operated fiber optic network.

Dark fiber is a network game-changer, enabling users to garner a range of benefits including augmented control and security, lowered latency and nearly unlimited scalability and capacity. While dark fiber can be implemented in a range of ways, including a ring formation like our metro fiber loop, the fiber’s use of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and private nature make it the superior choice for businesses. Dark fiber is ideal for enterprises looking to leverage a future-proofed, secure solution that can support any expanding requirements.

The Miami Metro Fiber Loop is predominantly deep-bored and connected to a system of dedicated vaults and manholes in the carrier and colocation-dense heart of downtown Miami. It is equipped with dedicated, diverse laterals built into the multiple underground points of entry linking IMDC to other network access points and allowing interconnection to more than 200 carriers.