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Colocation Miami

Our infrastructure keeps you connected and protected, regardless of disruptions in the world around us.

Instead of keeping servers in-house, in offices or at a private data center facility, colocating equipment in rented colocation space helps clients gain access to the power, bandwidth and cooling systems they need to successfully deploy servers. Plus, colocation provides added security, resilience and more.

SOUTH REACH NETWORKS Data Center Facilities

Located in Miami’s premier carrier hotel at 36 NE Second Street, South Reach Networks Data Centers (SRNDC) serves as the gateway to the Americas, providing enterprise-class colocation and connectivity between the U.S., Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Our facility is highly reliable with mission-critical features, boasting a category 5 hurricane rating, diverse POE’s and riser shafts, indoor generator and fuel tank locations, ample clearances, high load-bearing capacities and diverse power feeds. We provide diverse dark and lit fiber to ensure business continuity and provide access to more than 150 individual networks from one building.

How Colocation Miami Improves Business Performance

Colocation presents a plethora of benefits for businesses of all sizes. While smaller enterprises can gain access to the critical features of a larger IT department without the need for more capital investment, medium and large-sized businesses can expand their capacity and infrastructure to keep pace with rapidly-expanding demands. Colocation allows clients to store its equipment in a secure data center that delivers the connectivity, network security, redundant power and scalability needed to create optimal performance and growth.

Within our data center, clients can leverage colocation solutions that are designed to deliver customized space with scalable, flexible options that include secure racks, half-racks, cages and dedicated private suites. When combined with our extensive physical security, mission critical power and cooling

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